Pistrik is importer of electric materials since 1993. Today we are one of leading wholesale companies in Baltics with offices in Estonia and Latvia.  We have numerous sales partners all over Baltics and neighbour countries. 

With ISO 9001 management quality system, membership in different public organizations and countless project references we are desired vendor, customer and co-operation partner. 

Our sales offices are:

Лаки 26, 41536 Таллинн, Эстония

Тяхе 110, 51013 Тарту, Эстония

Нарвское шоссе 50, 41536 Йыхви, Эстонияi

ул. Г. Астрас 8b, LV-1082 Рига, Латвия

Эстонская Торгово-промышленная палата

Эстонская ассоциация электротехнических компаний

               ISO 9001 certified since 2001