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What do you need to build a measuring system according to the legal act and a standard, if you are Direct Line possessor?

Electricity Market Act says that a line possessor shall install a metering device that meets the requirements established in legislation to determine the amounts of electricity conveyed via its line and ensure the collection and processing of metering data under this Act and the grid code.

So what is that "metering device"? A metering device, as stated in the above mentioned legal act, is an electricity meter together with instrument transformers and tariff switching devices. Nowadays the meters come with inbuilt instrument transformers and with the inbuilt tariff switching device. 

The idea of a Direct Line is that the possessor will receive a support of 5,37 cents/kWh from renewable energy amount consumed. Renewable support is paid by a National Hub Administrator, who requires to receive a request for support by the 7th date of a new month. 

Consequently, a direct line possessor needs an electricity meter suitable for the registration of consumed renewable hourly loads, since hour loads are the basis for Renewable support amount calculation. The meter must come with a communication interface to collect the required data. For the comfort of the possessor, there can be software that transfers the data to the National Hub automatically.